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Sports Injury Care

Sports injuries can occur from pro athletes to the weekend warrior participating in a 5k or obstacle race. Even well trained crossfitters and bodybuilders may injure themselves. The goal with sports injury care at Burghealth Chiropractic & Wellness is the WHY? Why did you fall, lose balance, limp, hunch, overpronate, early extend, slip, etc... When you find the WHY, you find the answer in not only getting rid of the pain, but making sure it won't happen again.

One of the biggest components of sports injuries is improper motor control and dysfunctional movement patterns. Proper assessments performed by Dr. Samuel Richards can find these to help you get on track.

Some key concepts to think about:

The number one predictor of a sports injury is a previous injury

Training with poor movement patterns reinforces poor motor control.

Motor Control and movement patterns are learned, and reinforced with repetition.

Get back to the basics when training for stability and motor control and train with proper form

The neuro-developmental perspective has taught us that movement was developed with patterns not in individual muscles.

“Poor movement can exist anywhere in the body…poor movement patterns can only exist in the brain”