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Rehab & Corrective Exercises

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During your rehab & corrective exercise regime, you will still be re-examined for any structural dysfunction.  This is because if we begin a movement from a structurally inadequate or inefficient position, the movement from the point forward will be inefficient.

"We cannot separate structure and function. These two independent things are interdependent upon one another"

We must consider structure, its influence on function, and reflect on how function can influence structure.

Function is altered in the presence of pain. We cannot ignore pain and simply perform "functional" activities

"Input dictates output, Bad input yields bad output."

Segments above and below an injury, either spinal or limb can become compromised due to fear, avoidance, and pain. Over time, this compensation can lead to pain or asymmetries in flexibility and strength, and will further exacerbate the issue. These alterations will create new movement patterns that have adapted to compensate for pain, and sometimes these movement patterns can last well beyond pain subsiding. The regressed exercises break down movemtns into basic component to rewire how the brain chooses, sequences, and coordinates motor patterns.

Although there is multiple phases of care, there is one common goal; to return the athlete possibly bigger, faster, and stronger prior to the injury. The immediate rehab focus will include restoration of active daily living activities and foundational movements that we all typically perform.