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Functional Movement & Motor Control

What is functional movement? Do you know if you do or don't have it? Movement assessments are a way to pick up dysfunctional compromises before they become more serious. Dr. Samuel Richards is certified with the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) FMT (Functional Movement Techniques) and TPI (Titleist Performance Institute). These screens and assessments are simple and effective whether you are a pro athlete, weekend warrior, or a beginner. These methods help highlight motion segments that may be causing you issues and hampering your performance. In addition to assessing movement patterns, these help discover weaknesses, imbalances, and asymmetries that, if left unchecked and unresolved, could possibly increase injury risk and compromise athletic performance.

The body tends to gets away with these compensations and dysfunctional movement. You may be able to use a faulty movement pattern once before injury occurs or perhaps a thousand times, but eventually there will be a reckoning. This leads to poor performance, pain, inflexibility and asymmetries in strength.

"These muscles can be strong, but if not firing at the right time and in the right sequence, strength is irrelevant - strength does not matter if it is not being applied properly."

When each body part is able to achieve this full, active and useful range of motion, joint health is restored and joint degeneration is minimized. Movement and therefore function, is improved.

Functional Training framework:

Increase degrees of freedom to complete task

Alter base of support or center of gravity

Alter sights, sounds or surface of training

Imagery & Visualization

Sitting quietly and mentally rehearsing a successful play, throw, put etc...can have profound positive effect on desired outcomes. When an athlete mentally imagines what they are physically going to do, they create a stronger positive bond.

Eye dominance, color blindness, visual acuity also play a major role in your performance and daily task.

Optimal  Recovery

As described further under the recovery page on this website, recovery is paramount for regeneration and further growth for your performance. These can include: diet, recovery activities, sleep, rest, self care, stress management, and mental health

Your Healthcare Team

This category somewhat depends on if you're a weekend runner competing a 5K or a collegiate/professional athlete. If you're the latter, more than likely you have a team of medical professionals working on you however a doctor can only treat one person at a time. This is where seeking outside help out of your facility may be beneficial. If you're the amateur athlete, while you may not have a team you an create one consisting of local doctors, physical therapists and trainers.

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