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Rehab From The Ground Up

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When people think of Rehab, they tend to think of doing big exercises that really gets a good workout.  Well that's simply not how the body responds well to that stimulus. When strength training and you still have a dysfunction or instability you only reinforce the bodies current compensation and can build new ones as well. At Burghealth Chiropractic & Wellness, Dr. Samuel Richards breaks down rehab to it's simplest form, and works you through what is called the 4x4 matrix to build the foundation needed to create proper stability and motor control. and it all starts from the ground up.

When learning motor patterns as a child most of us crawled before we walked. Well before we crawled we first learned in a supine or prone position, and that's where is all begins. We work with you going though movement patterns with and without resistance  to prevent compensations.     

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Dr. Samuel Richards is a Titleist Performance Institute Level 3 Medical Professional & part of the PGA/PSC Clinical Golf Program