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Recovery is the overall process by which an athlete recuperates from a physical/mental stress and the time it takes to so so while not over stressing the system. Regeneration strategies are as those practices we do to help the recovery process as a whole.

Should I static stretch?

It really depends on timing. Studies have shown an immediate or short-term decrease in power after static stretching. Static stretching, such as the kind used in yoga, can be good if used at the right time and in the correct context.

Though static stretching should not take the place of soft-tissue work or be used before training or competition, it does have a place at the end of a non-competition or training day, or as part of the recovery phase of a plan.

Should I rest for recovery and regeneration?

Athletes cannot simply work themselves back to the track/field/court etc... They must allow the body time to adapt to stresses placed on the system. This can be done both passively or actively.

Active Ex) Light walk/hike, bike ride, swimming

Passive Ex) Massage, watching a movie, relaxing with friends and family, meditation, breathing exercises

Is my sleep affecting my recovery?

Lack of sleep has been linked to everything from obesity, poor immunity, blood pressure changes, heart disease, poor concentration, mood disturbances, cancer, and more. For the rehabilitating athlete, sleep is just as important, if not more, than other therapeutic interventions they receive during their treatment plan.

Can I use self-care?

There are a few precautions. First, be aware of how your injury and history. These may affect the ability to get into certain postures, affect force/direction or application applied of self soft tissue work, etc. If utilized incorrectly, you can create a setback or re injure the affected area.

Self-care Ex) Foam Roller, lacrosse/massage balls, massage sticks, yoga, resistance bands, stretching.

Should I adjust my diet?

During the healing process, your body is working very hard to recover. Caloric expenditures and fat, protein, carbs ratio must be analyzed and managed by a professional to avoid unwanted weight gain or loss, loss of strength, bloating, sluggishness. It is key that you limit your or avoid pro-inflammatory foods while increase anti-inflammatory foods.  For a list of these, please click here.

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