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Mind & Body


Yoga in its various forms can be helpful in improving a variety of movement dysfunction, from poor stability to lack of range of motion. There are many types of yoga. Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, to just name a few. While yoga may be a poor choice if you want to work on power development or hypertrophy from a muscle-development standpoint. Yoga is fantastic for balance, proprioceptive training, and assisting motion segments after injury.Yoga helps you do these, by creating an internal environment that minimizes external stimulation and distraction and encourages concentration and focus.

Meditation & Breathing

Normally done as an individual practice, however this powerful method can be done in group settings as well. It ranges from religious/spiritual practice to simply being a way to relax for a calming soothing effect. Breath based meditation has been shown as helpful with physical and emotional overload and affect outcomes of acute and chronic stresses. For stress and anxiety, deep, slow and rhythmic breathing is best.