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Neck pain after car accident injury st petersburg doctor chiropractor

What kind of auto injuries can we help you with?

Auto injuries can, of course, cause visible external injuries such as abrasions, internal injuries such as sprains, breaks, and more. These need to be handled as soon as possible by a professional trained in diagnosing injuries such as those caused in a motor vehicle accident.

The trauma from the auto accident can produce many less obvious problems, some of which could be painful and others not. Typically these can include whiplash; neck, low back or muscle injuries; neck stiffness, jaw pain, headaches, herniated discs and radicular pain (pain radiating down the legs or arms) and possibly even ligament laxity which causes shifting of the vertebrae either forward/backward and sometimes both.

Dr. Samuel Richards of Burghealth Chiropractic & Wellness can help with all of the above. The first step is a comprehensive exam and consultation. Dr. Richards advises that you start the process as soon after the accident as possible.

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