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Injury Inducing Mechanics

If you haven't had a chance to review the golf swing characteristics, you can click here. With these swing characteristics they can lead to pain and altered performance. One must first be evaluated by a TPI Medical Professional such as Dr. Samuel Richards for the swing characteristics to get a full view of your body mechanics.

An example of how your swing mechanics may cause you back pain or wrist injury:

Low back injury inducing mechanics

Reverse spine angle causes most back pain caused by excessive extension of spine or pelvis not flexing(posterior tilting). Normally most people lean away from target, reverse spine angle golfer leans toward target. Causes injury during on downswing so right side for right hand golfer.

S posture second most cause because of lower cross syndrome and excessive extension.

The sway is the brother/sister to reverse spine angle and s posture

Early extension is third cause of back pain

Hanging back increases side bend putting more pressure on facets/disc

Closed club face can also lead to back pain due to golfer compensating turning lead foot out

Excessive torque from not following through and keeping feet planted leads to back injury

Wrist injury inducing mechanics

Early extension causes excessive ulnar deviation on lead hand. Causes injury to tfcc and gives positive de quervains. A weak grip can also cause excessive ulnar deviation on lead hand and to lesser extent strong grip.

A palm grip instead of letting club rest in fingers puts pressure on hook of hamate.

Scooping, casting, chicken winging, all lead to wrist injuries. Usually problems in lower body can lead to issues and injuries in upper body because upper body has to make up for problems.

Basal joint arthritis and tenosynovitis can lead player to adjusting their grip. Players that utilize a long thumb position tend to have problems in this area. A weak grip can also put thumb in a more vulnerable position.

This same evaluation can be applied whether you have knee pain, neck pain, hip pain, elbow pain, etc...

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Golf Posture

Part of the swing characteristics is also golf posture.

S posture


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Dr. Samuel Richards is a Titleist Performance Institute Level 3 Medical Professional & part of the PGA/PSC Clinical Golf Program