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Goals of Care

Having a goal in mind can help greatly tracking your progress. Whether it's to get out of pain, lose weight, lift more or hit a golf ball further or possibly all these. When making an appointment at Burghealth Chiropractic & Wellness, feel free to express your goals with Dr. Samuel Richards so we can make the best care plan for you.

While thinking about your specific goals, a helpful tip would be to think of not only a timeline but a measurable amount. Ex) lose 5 lbs. in one month, pain free 6 weeks, better range of motion touching toes. That way when coming up with a goal you keep it realistic and attainable. One of the best ways to accomplish your goals is to break down your overall goal into small goals. So if you wanted to lose 10 lbs. phase one would be 3lbs in first week, 2lbs second week and so forth.

Need help? No worries, when setting up an appointment we can help design a care plan for health and wellness needs.